Monday , January 17 2022

Black Ops 4 wants free cash for Skin


With Black Ops 4, there is always an opportunity to buy cranes for real money. But a recent offer makes many Black Ops players 4 players for warm thoughts.

Divine Justice of Waffenskin could be accepted by players as a free bonus in advance when ordering a camestop through the storage chain. Now this skin is available to all players.

Free skin will be paid

2 crops for 20 €: For 2,000 Call of Duty (CP) points, € 20, you can buy the "Fall Firearms" package. The package contains two tool types:

  • Variety of Maddox's weapon, Carbon Cobra's weapon
  • and the divine justice gun
Black Ops 4 Black Divine Justice market

Source: RTCJOK3R

Especially macabre: Divine Justice of Waffenskin was previously available to players as a free bonus in advance. Waffenskin single codes are sold on Ebay for 5 € each. Players undermine the Activision Publisher's offer.

"Activation gets fun"

Fancies are angry: On Reddit, Black Ops players speak loudly with the black market offer. In her opinion, the price with € 20 is too high. Particularly negative, you will notice that they do not receive the Earth's Earth Ground Justice immediately after purchase, but it must be unlocked by Grind.

A black cross is 4 black turrets out

A player writes, "You think you hate boxing, but after you go, you miss it. I would prefer to unlock content accidentally I can get it free instead of paying a CP.

Microtransactions too expensive: The Reddit article discusses in detail the extent to which any AAA game like Black Ops should have 4 any microscopes at all. The prices are similar to players, as in titles for free to play, but publishers would still call the full retail price. The € 20 required is still 1/3 of the original Opsy Black Ops 4 price.

One player spent $ 1,000 on Black Ops Black 4 market until he unlocked all cosmetic items.

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