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Better than Sonos One ?: Echo Plus 2 forms a strong duo with Is



The Echo Sup is huge in comparison to the Echo Plus 2 small, but as a subwoofer you can also hide it in a corner.

The Echo Sup is huge in comparison to the Echo Plus 2 small, but as a subwoofer you can also hide it in a corner.(Picture: kwe)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

O Klaus Wedekind

Amazon, together with the Echo Plus re-generation, is launching the Echo Sub subofofer. The speakers with each other form a strong team, which can also be the place of Sonos One.

The smart smart speakers were able to convince the start with a relatively talented voice voice assistant, but their sound was common at the best. Sonos One proves that things are much better, even showing Apple's Homepod teeth in the test. But now there is also an Amazon alternative, which offers a great sound: the Echo Plus 2 in combination with the Echo Is.

Winzling with a wide quest

The new New Work Echo just sounds much better than what preceded. It is advanced and provides with a 20-millimeter thweeter and quite clear numbers of 76 millimeters and beautiful blends. Also on the bass, it's getting much stronger to the point like the Opening Plus, real depth but also offers the new one. This is not surprising in its compact size, it's astonishing that the very small thing of 15 centimeters of chest is so wide.

For verbal recognition, the Echo Plus 2 has seven microphones.

For verbal recognition, the Echo Plus 2 has seven microphones.(Picture: kwe)

This is where the Echo Sub-game comes in, which not only visually supports the Echo Plus 2 is perfect. The subwoofer has a 15-centimeter-pointed speaker, which is powerful powered at 100 watts in depth. About the Alexa Plus Plus fast link and the difference is huge. The room has filled with a powerful but unexplained base and the audio is so richer than lower.

"Alexa, less base!"

In order for the speaker team to match, the low frequency is reduced after joining the subclasser in the Echo Plus 2. However, the sub-section is too powerful to the point, but that's not a problem. Because you can tell Alexa simply that she should reduce the baseline. Of course, the backup also works. In addition, you will find in the Alexa app, balance, and one can adjust height, mumpes and floors by hand.

More about this topic

The duo can easily be recorded with Sonos One. In the middle and the clarity, they can not keep up. But the basin has more methods and voice control is much better on the Amazon assumptions: commands are still still understood in high music and there are more features, such as a telephony or Zigbee Bridge integrated to manage smart home devices directly.

Sonos One is cheaper

The price is still the first Sonos One, which you'll get for about 220 euros. The Echo Plus 2 only costs € 150, along with Echo You must delete 280 euros down. The divide can also be combined with two Echo Plus 2 to system 2.1. Then the total price is € 480. Sonos double is available for around 430 euros.

Overall, the Echo Plus 2 plus Echo Is a great choice for users who want to enjoy all the Alexa benefits, but it also wants a nice sound with a powerful base. If you are connected to the audio, you're better off despite the smallest depth of the Sonos One. In addition, you can get more streaming services on this system.

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