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Bayern: Miss Niko Kovac left Mats Hummels playing against Borussia Dortmund – did the more mistake?


Mats Hummels from Bayern explained after the game in Borussia Dortmund that he was ill. Niko Kovac left him play anyway. Who made the mistake more?

Dortmund – Because Mats Hummels is cold as a reason for unfamiliar mistakes in Bayern's 2: 3 in Borussia Dortmund (according to * crash in the Bayer Bay massively) led by Oliver Kahn and Lothar Matthäus very rare. "I think what's happening in the players," said Kahn after shaking his head into a ZDF sports studio: "You do not have to stand down then say you're ill. that does not like anyone. There's nothing to do with one or the other at the end. "

Expert Sky Matthäus found that the defender's mission "not necessarily understandable", especially as the coach Niko Kovac knew about his cold: "Here you have to have eleven players warriors who are in physical condition. "

Hummels Cold Mats rejected: "Very bad"

Hummels did not say so, but he still wanted to play. "I'm stunned that I have done that," he said later. Above all, "I did not say on the latest half-time, it does not make sense, since everything is so boring and unclear in the head. It's hard to act in a game at such a high level. I usually live on the idea that I think twice, that's not the case twice today, very bad. "

Hummels' performance had been mixed. In the 10 minutes, Marco Reus made a mistake to make an early BVB leader (Manuel Neuer was able to parry), and in the 62 minutes the young Jadon ran Sancho full. "I was sure they could not keep up at this speed," Lucien Favre said after the game, such as reports.

Niko Kovac explains the use of Mats Hummels: "It was said that everything was right"

Because he did not feel good enough, he had asked for his replacement, the 29-year-old said. That was three minutes after the Sancho act. "I made two mistakes that I have not had since 2010. So I said: It does not make sense any longer. I have no other thing in it and we hold one."

The question continues, why Kovac Hummels used anyway. The second half again highlighted his problems, the coach confirmed. "But our doctors did it medicine and it was said that everything was fine. I asked him," Are you sure you can play? "And he said yes. Otherwise we would not send it again. "

On the bench he was suitable Niklas Süle – he came to Mats Hummels

The question that is now rising is: who made the mistake more here? Mats Hummels, because he simply did not want to realize that it was enough for a mission and insisted on using it? Or Niko Kovac, did they not realize that Hummels in this condition would not be the usual support for the team, at least the start? Finally, Niklas Süle's potter was on the bench, which has been playing a very strong season so far. Curious by the way: When Hummels takes place, the Vavaries still have 2: 1.

Vortex was also in the stalls, because FC Bayern's headteachers at the celebrations were the aim of BVB supporters tied a beer, as noted *.

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