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"Bares for Rares": the candidate breaks silence – DAS is behind the curtains – Panorama


"Bares for Rares": the candidate breaks silence – DAS is behind the curtains t

"Bares for Rares": The five things you need to know now

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One of the most popular afternoons on German TV is: The ZDF junk show tBares for Rares"The concept can be easily explained. A candidate finds an old, curious or particularly valuable item"Bares for Rares".

Experts appreciate the value, explain some of the background of the piece and then go to the sellers. They then offer fun until the candidate returns home with more or less money in his pocket.

Bares to Rares on ZDF: That's the way we're going behind the curtains t

But collusion may be confidential "Bares for Rares"Are the dealers informed in advance?"

And what happens to all potential sellers who are not shown on the final show? We explain!


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"Bares for Rares": How does the sales process really go?

Good question that former seller has already unpacked in the junk show. For example, Kreuz Kreuz Christian Jüttner told the Allitmeine Zeitung how he got on the air. First, Jüttner had to register with ZDF.

Then a questionnaire was sent to him, where he had to specify everything about the sale – details of the set, selling price, photos … t

"Bares for Rares": Everything in detail

Why all? So the show experts, such as jewelery expert Wendela Horz or Sven Deutschmanek's connoisseur toy, already have a wealth of knowledge and so they speak skilfully about the pieces.

On TV, it seems they would say out of the memory, but in fact, it was prepared in every detail, so the seller Jüttner.

"Bares for Rares": 850 euro for the service

Jüttner was then allowed to go to the dealers. There, the money service, which he wanted to sell, was sold for 850 euros.

Is the dealers informed in advance?

A very clear NA. At least, if you want to believe faith moderator Horst Lichter. He had made it clear in an interview with this editorial office that there was no collusion with the sellers.

To the contrary: "Otherwise, we're going so far that the sellers and the experts even have to be in different rooms. They come at different times and they have split time t lunch.

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Traders can't even walk through the rooms if there is a specialist there. All for the purpose that collusion cannot be done. "

What happens to the candidates not shown on the show?

Horst Lichter was also able to clear that. It is obvious that not all candidates are shown on an estimate day. Up to 500 people would attend. In addition, there are additional things that only to fill the halls.

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Why are the estimates often different from the actual prices?

The expert estimates the large map of Anno Dazumal at about 4,000 euros. With the sellers, one wants to pay only 2100 euros. Isn't that unfair?

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Maybe, but that's the market. This was also explained by Detlev Kümmel when he was guest on the talk show with Markus Lanz along with Julian Schmitz-Avila.

"No, not at all. Here I have to say: Our price offer is many times what people have paid for. So earn good. And you shouldn't forget one thing: to get 4000 euros, I have to put them right. "

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That is, the seller has running costs like the lease for his business or his employees.

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