Wednesday , June 29 2022

Algorithms in Uber and Lyft: Drivers with each other dare prices


Driver over and in Washington D.C. Every night, they cheat the travel agents algorithms several times to increase their prices. Like the local news station WJLA reported, the drivers report that the coordinated gateways are not available and are triggered by the driver shortage that is automatically detected to price increases. A while later, they turned their apps back and received the much more expensive rides. After a number of price cuts in recent years, they would now have to fight back, explain the driver accordingly, their behavior, but they felt guilty.

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The drivers use "surge pricing" the so-called car dealers: the more the demand is the lowest of drivers supply at a particular time or place, the higher the prices to & # 39 the passengers. At the same time as the drivers turned off at Ronald Reagan National Airport, they suggested to Uber and Lyft that there were not enough drivers on the site. At the same time, the drivers ensured that their closure fitted aircraft, explaining WJLAIf the travelers then start their Uber or Lyft app to search for a trip to the city, they generate high demand.

The correspondent explained their approach to price reductions in the last three years. For a trip to Washington D.C., about five kilometers away. the apps would only charge $ 4 during peak hours. In a cohesive price hat, they could get $ 10, $ 12 or even $ 19 being spent on it within minutes. This will then benefit all drivers, the additional costs must be paid to the passengers. They would have a guilty conscience, but they would blame the apps providers, which would have even reduced prices.

Uber and Lyft have criticized the behavior accordingly. Fraudulent behavior could lead to a ban from the platform, says Lyft WJLAUber said that the behavior was not common or allowed. Technical precautions were taken to prevent them. However, the Drive United organization, which represents Uber and Lyft drivers informally, has also highlighted the fall in prices. It is not surprising, therefore, that drivers would find ways of getting enough money through cooperation to meet their basic needs.

The Tricks of the Drivers in Washington D.C. not new, similarities were seen years ago, state The Register, Researcher Lior Zalmanson from Haifa University had already researched this and told the online magazine that the apps ensured that the drivers would be isolated from each other, but also felt that they were not loyal to the providers. We are being driven forward with a feeling that everyone is on their own. In this case, the drivers have organized other apps and talked about Messenger. Uber and Lyft should take this seriously and integrate more people into their processes, according to Zalmanson.

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