Friday , June 24 2022

Yusuf Yazici will pay off at LOSC


Double writer and assistant, Yusuf Yazici (age 23) was one of the great architects of Lille’s big success Sunday night against Lorient (4-0, 11th Ligue 1 day). What to receive congratulations from his partners, such as Jérémy Pied at the end of the meeting. “We’re really happy for him, it’s not the first time he’s definitely played a full game. It’s easy to find, it’s in great shape and we enjoy it. ”, trusted the right in front of the press.

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Like him, the entire LOSC, which is second to the Paris SG in the standings, is won over. Within a few weeks, the Turkish international (27 caps, 1 goal) swept away the doubts born of his first mixed season, marked by a serious knee injury that removed him from the pitch for a long time , and redistribute the cards in a Lille attack where he is not always the holder. Today fully adapted to his new club, he shines, excels in the game between the lines and shows demonic efficiency. We remember his two consecutive trips in the Europa League, against Sparta Prague (0-4) and, most of all, against AC Milan (0-3).

Another big auction on the horizon

Confirmation, finally, of the talent that had pushed the Mastiffs to put more than € 16 million on the bonus board that was included to welcome him in the summer of 2019 from his coaching club Trabzonspor. “Yusuf’s current performance is a product of hard work. It works really well. It is natural that there is a rise and decline in football. He is coming back from a serious injury. By being consistent, disciplined and patient, he demonstrates this level of performance. Hopefully it will continue this way. It’s in his hands ”, entrusted last week to his representative Adem Cecebi i DHA.

Performances that garner even more upscale teams. Rumors speak specifically about Arsenal or Lazio, who was already interested in him before he signed at LOSC until June 2024. “It’s a real honor that big clubs are interested in Yusuf. Because Yusuf has goals and is geared toward that goal. “, blurted out, certain of himself. “When Yusuf has reached his true potential, Lille wants to sell it to really good clubs at a really good price, and he doesn’t seem that far away”, he concluded. If his protégé continues to chain such performances, we want to believe it.

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