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Why the price of flu vaccination has almost doubled – 16/11/2018


At present, the flu epidemic is still in its infancy.

At present, the flu epidemic is still in its infancy.

Since 6 October, the 2018 anti-flu vaccination and slogan "Let's let us not let the winter release flu" have been launched. And this year, the bill will increase significantly for the Health Insurance to believe France Info.

The price of the vaccination campaign is expected to be around 63 million euros, just under twice the 35 million euros paid in 2017.

The reason for this increase is relatively simple: the higher cost of the vaccine. It lasted its price of 6.20 this year to 11.13 euros last year in pharmacies now.

As almost twelve million people from France over 65 are receiving free vaccination vouchers, the Health Insurance pays for this increase. Last year, half of these older people were vaccinated.

More effective vaccine

So how do you explain this jump in the cost of the vaccine? The vaccine formula is associated. In each case, there are non-active virus layers of two different strands. Although the vaccines are usually very often, with three strain, every line of the same line every time, pharmaceutical companies market tetravalent vaccines this year, with four species, two of which are to expand its spectrum.

This evolution is the result of the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation in 2015. He asked to add second stress in the least protected line to better respond to the evolution of the flu virus.

The risk is to be short

Enrichment of this product, the spectrum of the vaccine, has therefore been transferred to manufacturers at the cost of production. And so at the last price.

For each year, the composition of the vaccine is a type of bar. Scientists must guess in advance, usually as early as February, the flu virus that will affect populations. In this small game, the risk falls short. In 2017, this was exactly the case.

The virus was of stress that was not included in the vaccine. As a result, it has not been as effective as it should have been anti-immunization, according to the genetic relevance of the different types, making it possible to restrict the cut.

In 2017, an effective 60% vaccine

"Last year, the effectiveness of the vaccine was still 60%, which showed that there was a cross of immunization, however, if the correct stress had been present, the vaccine would have been more effective, "said Daniel Floret, former vice president of the Technical Committee on Immunization.

But this cross-immunization is less and less effective. Virus lines are increasingly genetically immunized. Therefore, the WHO recommendations.

This does not add stress, and therefore the increase in the price, is necessarily more defensive. "For the presence of both species to be genuinely, it is necessary that the missing strains are actually circulated."

The epidemic stage has not yet arrived, it will only show the true interest of this new vaccine in winter. Last year, during the winter, the flu killed more than 13,000 people.

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