Thursday , September 16 2021

"Why do not I think my apologies?" Mehdi Meklat reflects on her poetic dweets in a book

DAILY – In front of Yann Barthès, a former Bondy blog journalist apologizes for his "mistakes". He also reports the media lynching he suffered, and the path he has traveled to try to "understand" why he wrote his texts.

Mehdi Meklat chose the lights of the Daily set to express himself, this Tuesday. Just under two years after being debated, the old Bondy Blog returns his experience in an "Autopsy" book.

Everything starts in 2017, when old tweets are pulled out. Sexual, racial, homophobic comments … A strange picture then appears. The old chronicler announced thousands of kidney hatred in early 2010 under the nickname "Marcelin Deschamps", among these: "Regrets that bin Laden is dead. It could have done everything fart", "Long live the PD live the AIDS with the Netherlands "," Why do Jews have the right to take the meter too? "

"Two anonymous people decide to search my Twitter account with the keywords: Jews, PD, wife and white, Mehdi Meklat tells Yann Barthès, they decide to publish 5 to 10 tweets among 53,000" .

"I am also at the heart of political use"

There is a debate. "I find myself in the middle of a scandal (…) I am also at the heart of political use (…) I finally become the object of evil for people who are racist ", trying to analyze the latter.

The person who says he has left to Tokyo, his best friend when he broke this case, presented his apologies again. "I understand that these tweets hurt, but the question is, why did not I apologize?" "Perhaps because when we are calling Mehdi today in France, it's not easy to apologize, because it's necessarily having a suspicious form (…) It's very easy to lock; This person is in his identity ".

So why not leave this book now question by Yann Barthès? "I hope it's possible today that we say we have made a gap, he explained himself, he apologized, he says something about society, so let's not listen to it "

The 26-year-old, born in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine), was a columnist in Bondy's Blog and then France Inter, Inrocks and Arte with a friend Badroudine Said Abdallah – says Badrou, who has announced two books, including "Record" (Threshold). Since revealing these tweets, he says he is devoted to writing and theater.

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