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When meeting in Pau, Jean-Luc Mélenchon plays the "convergence" card


In the company of former socialist Emmanuel Maurel, the leader of the "rebellious" wished specially "the November 17 success" against the increase in fuel.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in the European Parliament, on October 24th.

Sometimes it's good to feel surrounded. Jean-Luc Mélenchon took advantage of his meeting in Pau to appear with the former Socialist Emmanuel Maurel, who will appear prominently on the list of "rebellious" in the European elections. Not saying that, despite the toxic – whose criticism is the episode of the searches in his home and the rigid French headquarters (LFI), mid October -, the re-used La France leader continues to be part of & # 39; The opposition to Emmanuel Macron. The only one that can collect behind a particular flag. The rally is part of a wider strategy to return to the LFI leader field, which started with a rally in Lille on October 30.

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"I was in the Socialist Party a few weeks ago, I lost the use of many fires!"Mr Maurel called in front of the 550 people assembled inside the small exhibition hall – when dozens of other people were stuck out. "We are a thousand officers and elected officers who have left this training. We wanted to celebrate this moment of enthusiasm, from a military decision." In particular, the MEP promised "Common action" with "rebellious" campaigners.

"The virulence of the attacks is proportionate to the fear that you inspire the system", says Emmanuel Maurel on LFI searches, stimulating the membership of the room:

" There is no Mélenchon relationship. On the other hand, the Macron agreement! I'm talking about repeating barbouzeries, deputies, journalists who are being burglerized. There is something hidden in the macroni. "

A former socialist to call "Sanction Emmanuel Macron" in the May 2019 European elections.

"Inconsistent France is not perfect"

Emmanuel Maurel said he was appreciated "Finding enthusiasm, faith and determination". And this, despite some criticism of some of the "rebellious" Pau present, arguing to the former PS, is considered too moderate, his multiple references to François Mitterrand. "Do not reject someone who's already bringing good intentions!"says with a smile. "You're home, Emmanuel, Mr Mélenchon still said a little later. They are not convenient, not just because they are called "afreolus" ! "

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"We are making a political event, we converge. Emmanuel Maurel does not join us, we share a common cause with us. These are the actions that will be our federation. We do not build a party or party revolutionary, our strength is our ability to become autonomous. The goal is not to collect logos, to reveal the right line, or conscience of the people, we are scouts of the ", Jean-Luc Mélenchon explained. Who adds: "French disorganized is not perfect, an object is being built. We will not have the attitude of people who have broken and born with a silver spoon in the mouth." And later: "We are a movement that wants a citizen's revolution. That's what we do and nothing else."

"Petain is a lawyer"

The Bouches-du-Rhône MP returned to the 17 November movement against rising fuel. A question that shares in its series. If a perception "Financial injustice" not all middle and popular classes argue, getting involved in barriers is a problem. First because LFI has put the ecological change at the heart of its project, which recommends the end of the diesel. Then due to the number of calls from the remote right to support the move.

So, Mr Mélenchon, on Thursday night, clearly supported this move, just to resolve this debate:

"November 17 is a popular self-organization that I would like to succeed. There are baskets, but there are everywhere. There are also lots of things "angry" they are not "fachos". The anger is right, this progress is wearing good people. "

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On the night before the 11th November celebrations, the old presidential candidate spoke much about peace and the international situation. He also responded remotely to Emmanuel Macron who said yesterday "Marshal Petain during the First World War was also a great soldier, a reality of a country. (…) One could have been a great soldier in the first world war and had led to fatal choices during the second. " For Mr Mélenchon, "We know that Philippe Pétain was a lawyer, if someone was resettlement, then they needed to shoot for the example."

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