Wednesday , June 29 2022

What outcomes for customers?


Advertisement for Huawei P30 in China. – Andy Wong / AP / SIPA

  • Huawei lost his Android license on the US black list.
  • Its smartphones already in the service will still have access to Google services but should report late updates.
  • However, its next phones, if the situation doesn't work out, will suffer a great disadvantage in the West.

If you have fallen for the P30 Huawei, do not worry. While Google has pulled back, forced and enforced its Android license to a Chinese manufacturer, put it on the black list of US trade, Huawei (and Honor) smartphones that have already been marketed will be continue to access Google apps and store Play Store. However, for updates, including security, it will be complicated beyond the suspension of three months – until August 19 – granted by the US on Monday.

Huawei loses access to Google services, not to Android

Android is an open source system. Huawei can continue to use it, including its smartphones in the future. However, the Chinese company, the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world behind Samsung, will lose, on August 19, its access to Google mobile services, which are pre-installed on all devices : the play store (apps, music and videos), Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube or the Assistant. But that's not about smartphones already available, like the P30. Even the 20 Honors, introduced on Tuesday in London, had already been certified, securing Huawei, and will have access to Google apps and services. However, for the next smartphones, it will be very difficult to overcome this loss in the West.

And the updates?

It's getting complicated. Google said that Google Play and Play Protect (Android anti-malware) will continue to work for existing Huawei devices. "

But as the BBC explains, without its Android license, Huawei will no longer be able to access security updates in advance. It will have to wait until it is available in the open source project, then check that there is no problem with its Android home layer. Its customers will have these updates late, which could pose a risk. Ditto for Android versions of the future: Google will not share them up the river. So there could be a delay of several months using it on Huawei smartphones.

It's probably not a Huawei OS home is ready

The manufacturer repeats that he is preparing for this scenario, and that he has a "plan B": a home operating system (OS), in the same way as Samsung with Tizen on TVs and watches. But according to the Information website, this OS, called "Project Z", is "far from ready". And according to the head of consumer electronics department, Richard Yu, Huawei will "focus on the domestic market." The company will have to persuade developers to create apps for its new system. This should not be a problem in China, but Western developers are unlikely to invest resources on a new platform. Even Microsoft had broken its teeth for a lack of apps in its shop and had been forced to give the best to Windows Phone.

Stay better

For the time being, there is too much uncertainty about the future of Huawei in the West to justify buying one from its smartphones in the coming weeks. Donald Trump is trying to put pressure on Beijing to sign a trade deal, and he will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit at the end of June in Osaka. It is possible that the situation is improved, as with ZTE, or that the restrictions are illuminated to relate to the 5G telecommunications equipment sold by Huawei (real security concern authorities & #). 39. the US only). The poker game is not over.

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