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Wall Street, announced in mid-term elections, is coming to an end


Wall Street, announced in mid-term elections, is coming to an end
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Wall Street ended higher higher on Wednesday after the mid-term elections, showing its satisfaction after completing the election-related uncertainty despite the possibility of legislative barriers suggested by Congress to share.

According to the final results at the end, Wall Street's leading index, Dow Jones Industrial Average, 2.13%, took 26,180.30 points.

Nasdaq's index, with strong technological color, has developed 2.64% to 7,570.75 points.

The large index S & P 500 raised 2.12% to 2,813.89 points.

"The mid season and all uncertainties are around us behind," said Alan Skrainka of Cornerstone Richness Management.

Despite the possibility of a Congress to share and potential legislative barriers, investors were released to step out of election news and give a period of prosperous equity markets prosperously in the United States.

The S & P 500, which includes the largest 500 companies listed in the country, has increased by an average of 13.8% during the year since the election since 1926, said Wells Fargo.

The index jump on Wednesday was all more favorable with the impact of holding up after an awesome October on Wall Street, the expanding index of S & P 500 posted its biggest monthly release since 2011.

In this interesting session, where all eleven sub-indices of industry S & P 500 were higher, health posted a remarkable tone by increasing 2.94%, thanks to the possibility of weaker regulation on the price of medicines.

"It seems complicated to imagine both Houses in the Congress adopting a common position on reducing the price of medication," said Skrainka.

Pollution and whitening

The spending and elective materials sectors also made significant progress.

The first, as a health, has increased significantly traditionally after mid-term elections, said the analysts of Wells Fargo. The second step in the perspective that a major infrastructure plan is adopted by Congress, one of the only projects that Democrats and Republicans could agree over the coming months.

However, stock market indexes did not respond slightly to the announcement of the departure of Judge Judge Jeff Sessions, who joined the long list of US or US administration relatives who have left the ship since the beginning of the 45th American President.

In the bond market, the United States's 10-year debt rate fell at 21:45 GMT to 3,224%, against 3,228% on Tuesday, and a 30 year debt to 3,442%, against 3,443% per day.

Amongst the values ​​of the day, the 21st Century Fox media group, which has a large part of the assets of Disney, has announced mixed quarterly results on Wednesday, marked by good advertising revenue allowing it to be offset by low in-theater records. Its stock price was 0.83%.

David Solomon, the new Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs, said Wednesday "scary" accusations of pollution and money laundering against two former bank employees in the massive corruption scandal involving former Prime Minister Malaysia Najib Razak. The title won 1.35%.

The technology sector posted strong growth, as it happened during the strong growth sessions: Amazon has increased by 6.86%, Apple by 3.03% and Alphabet (parent company from Google) by 3.62%.

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