Monday , July 4 2022

VIDEO TPMP: Accidents respond seriously to Iris Mittenaere's injury at DALS


On Thursday, November 22, Touche's columnists in my job did not hide their anger in terms of TF1 Dance with stars. For some of them, Iris Mittenaere's injuries could be false to viewers.

Injuries in the ninth season of Dance with stars. After Pamela Anderson and Terence Telle, Iris Mittenaere made great fear to viewers on Tuesday, November 20. While training to carry with Anthony Colette partner, the former Miss France fell violent on the coccyx. hospital, the 25 year old girl was then able to go home. Although she has to continue to be released, Miss Universe 2016 has given her supporters fast comforting news.

Iris Mittenaere has really said that he would be well-involved semifinal or Dals, which will fly on Saturday, November 24. " I do not want to leave, we've reached the semifinals, I'll fight for the end! To you, to Antho and to all who believe in me Ex-friend Kev Adams explained on Twitter. Thursday, November 22, Cyril Hanouna and the columnist discussed the candidate's injury, which could be eradicated if she does not dance to the next debt.

" TF1 is primitive, they're doing TV, it's storytelling »According to Géraldine Maillet

On the set of Do not touch my job, In particular, the team mentioned that the TF1 teaser would take over the images of the Iris Mittenaere worm and publish next bonus. Some columns have even suggested that it might be possible for the chain. " Indeed, if she has a really serious, she's probably very serious, she does not dance "Benjamin Castaldi said. Matthieu Delormeau was later even more determined. " Either what is very serious and in this case, it is invalid to put these images behind & # 39; Soon in the main time & # 39;or has no grotesque staging. So, in both cases, I can admit it's ridiculous "Indeed, the animator confirmed.

" TF1 is primitive, they're doing TV, it's storytelling Sicer Géraldine Maillet, equally unhappy but less surprised. " It's completely disgraceful finally sanctifying Gilles Verdez, indeed he himself. In fact, she hurts and in this case, we are silent. […] They're sorry what they do TF1. Either they play with someone's health, or they play with the viewers by imagining them hypocritically to make people think they hurt "Another sequence that should not improve The links between Cyril Hanouna and the first chain of Europe …

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