Monday , July 4 2022

VIDEO – "est la remontada": ecstatic reaction of Vincent Lambert's parents lawyers after the announcement of the resumption of care t


LAMBERT CASE – Vincent Lambert, Jean Payot and Jérôme Triomphe parent lawyers, on Monday, May 20, celebrated the Paris Court of Appeal's decision to order a resumption of treatment for this quadriplegic patient, which is a vegetative state.

A scene of joy in Paris. On Monday evening, after a day stating that treatment had ceased, Vincent Lambert, the Paris Court of Appeal, ordered the rehydration and feeding of the patient, who was treated at the University's Reims Hospital. News that caused the joy to hundreds of people who showed Monday on the streets of Paris, claiming "life for Vincent".

Late at night, the people were in favor of the care of Vincent Lambert's parent lawyers, after they had secured a white parade from the Ministry of Health in the Elysee. They are the ones who issued a justice decision to the crowd. "We won!" Master Jerome Triumph praised, waving his arm as a sign of victory, as the images obtained by LCI testified. "This is the remontada!"

"This is a remarkable victory," said Jean Paillot, another lawyer for parents. "Jérôme Triomphe and I will go to Reims tomorrow morning to make sure that food and hydration will be taken over," he added, "only a temporary decision" of "up to six months, allowing committee the UN study the file ". t

On Monday morning, UHW announced, in accordance with the doctors' decision dated May 11, that Vincent Lambert had finished in a vegetative state for 10 years. Desperate, the patient's patient, who became diabetic since a car crash in 2008, had appealed to the European Court of Human Rights and had even arrested the president. On the other side is Vincent Lambert's wife, Rachel, and her nephew Francis, who plans to end this "therapeutic apathy".

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