Tuesday , January 25 2022

Various facts O the prison have to stop the fake injuries of 261 wrists


A 21-year-old was sentenced on Wednesday by the Court of the Criminal Court (Saône-et-Loire) to imprisonment for a period of one month for "fake breath" after charging a man of 261 violence.

There is a 18 month test with a duty of care, work and specifically 3 in the sentence EUR 000 in compensation to the victim in compensation for non-material damage.

An investigation was received after receiving in the Macon prosecutor's office, in 2014, a letter from the teacher of the daughter, then a secondary school student, who had made these allegations in her organization.

The victim "is satisfied"

At the hearing, on 31 October, the defendant held his rape charges against this former neighbor living in the Allier, where she had a baby, dated the first to 2010 and said they would have a prosecution during the case.

However, the researchers had cleared the man, first placed under an assistant witness status before receiving a dismissal in March, while his accuser was sent to court for "false abolition".

The civil party at the hearing, the man said that he was "satisfied" with the decision of the criminal court, in particular "to be recognized as a victim," said his adviser Fabienne Causse. A defense defense could not be reached on Thursday.

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