Tuesday , December 1 2020

Using 100% pure fruit juice increases the risk of premature death from 9 to 42% t

Excess in everything is bad as the phrase says. As a very sweet sodas or industrial juice, drinking too much pure fruit juice is bad for you, according to a US study by Lindsay J. Collin, Suzanne Judd, Monika Safford, MD, Viola Vaccarino in Jama Network. The high consumption of these drinks would increase the risk of death from 9 to 42%.

Recommended thresholds are limited to nearly 18 cl for a child under 6 years of age, and 23 clips for older children, young people and adults. For comparison, the traditional volume of can be 33 cl, that is 10 cl more than the recommended daily reports Ouest France.

Over-eating would be as harmful as sodas, energy drinks and concentrated juices. Their high sugar content increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. For the American researchers behind this discovery, these adverse effects may be caused by several biological mechanisms, including an increase in insulin resistance.

To carry out this study, the researchers depended on 6 years of observation of 13,440 adults over 45 years of age. But Marta Guasch-Ferré and Dr. Frank B. Hu, two American scientists, believes that the number of participants and length of observations is inadequate and we have to see them in the longer term. " More research is needed to examine the health risk and potential benefits of specific fruit juice They trust.

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