Saturday , July 2 2022

UPDATE on changes to recommendations in Paris


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In accordance with the regulations in force, BOURSORAMA establishes and maintains a conflict of interest management policy and puts in place administrative and organizational measures to prevent, identify and manage conflicts of interest in light of investment recommendations. . These rules include provisions relating to personal financial transactions to ensure that BOURSORAMA employees are not in a position of conflict of interest when Boursorama publishes investment proposals.

The reader is informed that BOURSORAMA does not have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of the analyzes that are disseminated. For this reason, the reader is informed that there is no direct link between the analyzes disseminated and the various remuneration of BOURSORAMA employees. Similarly, there are no financial or capital links between BOURSORAMA and the publishers involved, other than the contractual commitments which may govern the provision of the broadcasting service.

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