Sunday , January 23 2022

Tobacco stores will be able to sell bitcoins from 1 January 2019


In the early next year, thousands of tobacco companies will offer a new service: selling coupons to buy small amounts of bitcoins easily.

After replacing a phone that has been evicted, accounts without a Nickel bank, billiards will be able to sell bitcoins starting next January 1st. Or more coupons exactly of 50, 100 or 250 euros that will easily buy the equivalent in bitcoin.

The new strand of this tobacco company is the result of an agreement between the digital services platform of the Bimedia – with which works between 3000 and 4000 tobacco companies – and Keplerk, a young financial company specializing in selling cryptocurrencies.

In particular, the user will buy a coupon that matches the amount selected in his doctor. On this paper, a ticket will be recorded as an alphanumeric code and QR code. He will then have to create an online account on the Keplerk app so that the amount is converted into bitcoins that have been stored on an electronic wallet. To create an account, you must be over 18 years old and provide a copy of the ID (passport or ID) and selfie, as is the case to create an online bank account. The Bitcoin price taken into account will be the current one in the tobacco purchase.

Commission of 1.25%

"We will become the first cryptocurrency physical purchase network," said the tobacco confederation, every time in search of a new way to diversify its activities. "We are in line with social evolution and show that we can locate ourselves where we do not expect". The tobacco that decides to authorize this new service will receive a commission of 1.25% on the amounts sold. They will not be at risk as they will only be the status of distributors.

On his behalf, Keplerk, which aims to democratically access to a lack of illegality that its purchase is not easily accessible to the public, trying to go through a trusted third party. "The main obstacle to spreading today's money is the piece to the law" said Christian Gars, CEO KeplerK.

The company, which does not purchase its cryptocurrencies through specialized stock exchanges and mining companies, is worried more than a new tobacco that is currently being tested by bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies. "This cryptocurrency ecosystem is extremely variant. Our role is to support innovation". Warnings required on the coupons sold to warn the general public about the volatility of this type of assets and the risk of losing the invested money.

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