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Tina Kunakey, a sharp mom Vincent Cassel, prefers laughing!


Tina Kunakey is on the edge of the lapel, between her baby and the Cannes Film Festival, the young mother is tired. And Vincent Cassel doesn't help her.

Tina Kunakey is completely tired. and it is not his companion, the actor Vincent Cassel, it helps him in his tangible fatigue. To the contrary, he prefers to laugh. It is clear that the joy of the mother is not a joy for all. Sometimes they can be complex, very complex.

The French model take it despite all the difficulties we face. Mom for the first time, her daughter Amazon (like all young babies) gives him a hard time. Especially when she has to pair her maternity with the Festival. Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel are Amazonia. She's the result of love of this famous couple. A happy father announced his birth on his Instagram account.

Tina Kunakey: mother takes classes

Don't forget that Tina Kunakey is only 22 years old. Obviously, her baby lump was not noticed, as she continued to talk about it on the Web and was proudly exhibited. Sometimes she even adopted extremely sexy costumes or other she was naked. But today, she's no longer the same process, and it's hard to accuse the shot.

And yes, the maternity joy is often translated by sleepless nights Or also the head in diapers and bottles. Life, we think it's thrilling, when it's not ours. We are publishing a picture on her Instagram account that reflects her distress. And caption his picture by writing: " How can I get 8 hours sleep in 3 hours? ".

The fans respond honestly to this question. We can read for example: " welcome to the world of moms ". Supporters are not the only ones to comment. Vincent Cassel to leave himself a little layer of persuasion under the publication of his companion writing with irony: " you can not!". Difficult to fund for Tina Kunakey!

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