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Tight in comparison: progress, Mbappé, responsibilities and club that they have to be more "harsh"

Friday, on behalf of the 38th day of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain (1st) will face the Stade de Reims (9th) in the Auguste-Delaune Stade (kickoff at 21:05, broadcast on bein SPORTS). On the eve of this meeting, Paris coach Thomas Tuchel answered several questions during a conference to the press. Germany talked about its objectives, the changes it wants, a statement by Kylian Mbappé (a 20-year-old striker) and rumors about transfers.

Which goals?

There are many feelings, there are already the last games, for the title, then the last in the Park, there are too many. Hope we can make a good game and win. Reims have had a good season, they are consistent and play with confidence. I am convinced that they want to show that they can fight with us. Our pleasure is playing this game and we will have a great team on the field.

Tip "Now we have to improve. We haven't finished here."

If I feel stronger for next season?

My aim is always to grow, that's why I'm here. Being a coach is a gift, always thinking about football and working with my staff. So we have a duty to use every day to improve and learn. It was a big step for me to come to another country. And we won, it was a great experience. But this is just the beginning. We started very hard and the end of this season was a bit difficult. We carried out an analysis and the club knows it. Now we have to improve. We have not finished here.

Mbappé targets the Gold Shoe?

I have to think now because it is a bit much to aim for, it would be disrespectful to our opponent. I think it's a goal for it, but it's not very realistic, you can't push too hard for that. I will see if we are talking to my team about this. I think Kylian is ready to give it a try.

"We have to be strict."

The PSG is a bit special, with many small events?

You may be right. Our goal is to stay tougher and concentrate. Not only the team, but also the club is tougher and clearer by going in one direction. We must be strict. This is the challenge for everyone.

Neymar was released to go to Brazil sooner?

There's something that isn't our sport, it's not me to decide.

If I spoke to him about the goal?

Yes, we talked but we stayed between us.

"We are invited to take responsibility. This is true for everyone."

Mbappé statement? Something positive?

Slightly is divided, but it has big goals. He has confidence and decided to make this speech. It's very intelligent, we know very well what we do and when it is done. On the one hand, he is invited to take responsibility. This is true for everyone, every day, on time every day, by eating professionally, every day … There is no need to make a speech. Our special man who wants to score, score and get all the trophies is possible. I'm not angry, but ok … We can take responsibility.

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi indictment worries me?

Indeed at the moment, I heard about it but I could not speak to the president. But I trust him. It will tell me if it's serious.

Tight "We can wait and if it is not so, we will find solutions."

Mbappé and Neymar will remain in PSG?

We're in the foot, if you're asking the trainer today, it's obvious what I want. Anything can happen. The club gave its position for Neymar and Mbappé. We are not naive. If I say yes now … many can happen with the transfer window. Many clubs want a lot of players. But I want them here. We can wait and if it is not, we will find solutions.

Mbappé wants to be more in an axial attack? Choosing with Cavani?

I can't lose my mind with this speech. I talk to him every day and he knows what he thinks, what I want. We know he can play in several jobs, with Edi or without Edi. We have a reliable and confident relationship. I make my choice over the season and before a game. Everyone must show that he is very professional and that he is the best. If you want to grow and improve, you have to have a number of players on their best and more reliable players ready to play with us.

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