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While a certain World beta of Warcraft Classic has just arrived and that is now released for fans August 27, want to give it a try and disappoint to be able to rub it late summer, show a certain enthusiasm for what which looks like Madeleine Proust is a bit weird. But don't we fantasize too much of this event by letting hiraeth override? Whatever the shock of years passed, burying Classic vitality in the long term could.

Classic WoW trailer

And yet, the desire is there

Ticket: Classic Wow - It's difficult to live up to fantasy

Before going further, note that your servant has also raced more often than not the WoW Vanilla tunnels, raids and regions, each one being memorable memories, loud laughs, intense moments of satisfaction and the encounters of people who have become lifelong friends. A 13-year dive perspective is therefore a special dimension since, beyond the fact that these joyful experiences have lasted for nearly 10 years, the moments, mostly social, were the most intense. products over this period that some believe to be wonderful.

And we have to recognize that the hope is attractive to more than one player. She is still insurmountable on the servers since the beginning, nostalgically this time after releasing the game since some extensions or even those who reached the road and wanted to taste the original ineffective mastodon experience this MMORPG, a wide range of players may be interested in Classic WoW. And above all, we have to recognize, in order to reconnect with the difficulty encountered in the past (which remember Naxx Vanilla and her top difficulty in lifting his hand) that is the most attractive hope, at a time when WoW does not have the challenge yesterday.

To live to the fantasy

Ticket: Classic Wow - It's difficult to live up to fantasy

But in hindsight, it is hard not to imagine that we are fantasy a little too big for this new era for the MMORPG, and that the pressure of years will be heavy on shoulders; The game, in fact, today, World of Warcraft is a machine that has been perfect, which, during its extensions, has adapted its purpose to be compatible with the times. Leveling 1-60 (and beyond) today is very different to what it was at the time. It is now thought to be fast, varied and accessible. This is undoubtedly what many veterans blame Blizzard: this accessibility policy is even greater, leading in particular to simplifying many different talent trees.

Ticket: Classic Wow - It's difficult to live up to fantasy

For their part, video games in general and MMOs in particular have also evolved. To finish, or almost, the static gameplay. Now, we quickly (and easily) get mounts to move, and many characters can cast spells while moving. Returning to Vanilla is like going back to the FEDEX quests, with the hope of skimming for a long time on foot of the game's vast environments, fighting for a horse and facing empty areas, aging and rubbing against and heavy and static gameplay. The conflict between our feelings of time, which was not factual since it was inscribed in a different period, with its codes that are outdated since then, and the reality of what Vanilla will today face endangering a cold shower. If we can legally protest against a tendency towards shaking this MMO, we must remember that many features have simply made some actions more practical. Merge the auction house? Completed. The facts? Absent. Mounts flying? Flight. Automatic group search? Evaporation. Logic, respecting the original work, this philosophy probably won't agree with everyone's expectations.

Ticket: Classic Wow - It's difficult to live up to fantasy

Towards a minority of pieces?

Ticket: Classic Wow - It's difficult to live up to fantasy

If we don't doubt for a moment that many players will find a lot in this time back to the past, as we are perfectly private servers t, those who closed the most popular were the entry point to start Wow Classic, hard to imagine that others won't wipe the servers quickly. In fact, the youngest will face an aging game, while others will probably not be able to reconnect with the feelings of play they had at the time. Of course, it will be possible for some to find old partners and for refusing old-fashioned leveling, and in this case, the experience will obviously be desirable. But for the experiment to be a long-term success, the administrators will have to be populated, because, in order to place a group of dungeon washing on the capital capital of your cohort, it will be very complicated. if it is deserted. At the time, leaving in a group was very natural as the administrators were populated. In the absence of players, MMO does not have to be and Classic should not make the costs.

However, there is a good chance that the author of these lines is the first to rush on the administrators as they open, just to re-launch old munitions, as in the old days. But the certainty of not staying long is screwed well in my mind. Nostalgia will also probably work in the private servers that cannot be avoided, and perhaps even for a while only, on the nostalgic that will group with friends to skim Azeroth. Will that be enough to keep the game interesting in the long term? Not sure … unless, of course, Blizzard intends to continue the adventure with BC and LK, and if so I don't answer anything.

Ticket: Classic Wow - It's difficult to live up to fantasy
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