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This series made an original CV fan to experience Netflix


In order to be able to lay down his dreams, this communication student at Lyon ISCPA made an excitement on Twitter!

Emma Volatier knows that you have to stand out of any competition in order to get rid of your dreams. So, he was inspired by his favorite series to apply for the huge American, and began to start more incredibly on Twitter. His original approach caused a feeling on the social network, as much as Netflix replied to him!

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Incredible step

Emma Volatier is a student in the second year of communication at ISCPA Lyon. When searching for an internship, he decided to put all the cards beside him by realizing an original curriculum vitae, taking Netflix's design and codes again. "Hi @NetflixFR! A student in communication and especially passionate about your platform, I'm going to address this thread to convince you to take me into life. Are You Ready? TOU DOUM! (Search: at the end of this thread you will be spelled)." Was she writing first on Twitter, using the Netflix jingle.

As a resume, discovered the home page of the streaming platform, take over the design of the new series "Sabrina's new adventures", allowing him to list all his skills."Here's my homepage! With my cat (who could have easily interpreted Salem with her), I can present everything I know how to do. #communication #digital #audiovisual #graphic # marketing event #marketing"we can read below.

To restore its strengths and characteristics of character, he gave in his way the credits of "The Girls of the Cable", the original Netflix series. Finally, she closed her candidacy saying she was looking for a 3 month work period beginning January 2nd. She does this by resuming the Netflix release timetable ! "I'm looking for a period of 3 months starting in January 2019 and I really want to do it on your side! #stage #communication #internship #EmmaEnStageChezNetflixShe ends on Twitter.

Netflix answered!

Fortunately for her, Emma Volatier did not do all this work for free, since Netflix France responded two days later, Wednesday, November 14. "Hello Emma! Can you become a stp DM? Thanks!"tweeted the brand manager on Twitter and was contacted And HuffPost, just to know more about the student's possible training in communication. "I can not say again about the result because we have a very tight recruitment policy but we certainly consider its great approach"he admits HuffPost, but it does not stop it at the moment that she is contacting … We are crossing the rights for Emma Volatier!

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