Monday , January 17 2022

The "yellow privileges" are invited by Cyril Hanouna


VIDEO – After interrupted by Monday protesters, the host producer agreed to receive one of them in his talk show Tuesday on C8.

"Guys, I'll let you go whenever you like." After breaking by "yellow rains" on Monday night, when leaving the recording studio fromDo not touch my job! , Cyril Hanouna invited a representative of these exhibitors to come to witness on his show. Appointment was set for Tuesday night. "I want someone to be sincere," he simply recommends the producer's assistant while his interlocutors urged him to take a stand for their fights. "We want you to tell Macron that the people suffer," for example, one of them. This exchange was filtered and posted on YouTube (see below).

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If Cyril Hanouna said he understood them, he wanted to warn them. "If I can give you some advice, you need to get your message. There are many people who do not understand you. People should not say we're scared", " he said before asking them a short video of a series of testimonials.

The number of TPMP! But Tuesday night, however, will not turn to this hot topic. As noted in the official account of the program accessing the main time, discussion on the merits and facilitator Karine Le Marchand has planned. There will also be three guests around the table: the comedy Kheiron, the comedian of Ten percent Thibault from Montalembert and singer Hoshi.

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