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The world of culture supports the "unprecedented" move of "yellow vests"


In a stage of the name "yellow vests: We are not being fooled!" Comedians, writers, cartoonists welcome "an organization whose power is trying to discredit it".

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A protester is wearing a yellow vest that has been written:
A protester is wearing a yellow vest that has written it: "Vest yellow, red or green, we all love our blue planet", during an exhibition on April 27, 2019, Marseille. GERARD JULIEN / AFP

Actors such as Juliette Binoche or Emmanuelle Béart, writers like Edouard Louis or Annie Ernaux as well as 1,400 other cultural actors brought support on Saturday May 4 to the movement of the "yellow vests".

In a forum of the name "Yellow vests: We are not deceived!", published on website release, these comedians, writers, playwrights or writers greet "The movement of that power seeks to discredit and prevent the most threatening economic and social violence".

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Rostrum signatories Claims[nt] essential things: more direct democracy, more social and fiscal justice, radical measures in the face of ecological crisis " t. "The yellow vests are us", insisting that the signatories, who declare themselves "Absolutely concerned about this historic movement".

He denied the "tyranny"

"We see the strings used to be too much to discredit the" yellow vests ", described as anti-ecologists, extremists, racists, attacks …" tthey deny. "The movement doesn't take, this story doesn't stick to reality even if mass media and a government spokesman would like us to believe"they add.

The signatories also deny a "Oppression is getting worse every week". "Nothing justifies setting up a legislative arsenal of the name" anticasseur "that breaks our fundamental freedom" tthey say. "We will remain angry, stronger, more often, more with each other", warn the signatories on the platform

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Prior to this petition, the academic Danièle Sallenave had also supported the movement of "yellow vests" in a short essay of the name Jojo the yellow vest (Gallimard) denies "Class contempt" his "yellow vests" is the object.

"From the first demonstrations, I had a sense of sympathy, which was regularly renewed by the pleasant contrast on television between their somewhat clumsy reassurance and the dissimilar hostility of journalists and their guests.", in particular, wrote an author Eglantine and lily of the valley.

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