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The tension mounts in PSG’s locker room

November’s famous emergency return. The final edition of the UEFA Champions League final, Paris Saint-Germain is going through much more difficult weeks. In fact, the Parc des Princes residents played five games in all competitions during this month of November 2020. After a defeat against RB Leipzig on November 4 (2-1), residents of Ile-de-France followed with a win against Stade Rennais (3-0, November 7) before another clash against the Monaco MP on November 20 at Ligue 1 Uber Eats (3-2). Back to the wall in Q1, the Parisians finally won 1 to 0 against Leipzig last week (November 24). 1 to 0 victory, but without the method.

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Tuchel’s new rent

Four days later, PSG again disappointed in the league with a draw (2-2) against the Girondins de Bordeaux. A leader with only two small points ahead of his persecutors, the capital’s club is treading water. Above all, he has no behavior that pleases Thomas Tuchel. At a press conference the Saturday after the game against Bordeaux, the German technician was off the hook. He had not hesitated to point a finger at his players and face them with their responsibilities.

“No, we can’t play without physical effort like we did in the second half, that’s not possible. The first half was good, we had a chance, we followed the plan, we were disciplined, we played simple. We didn’t have the gravity to finish the fight, to kill this fight, to be sure. We also had a lack of determination in the opponent’s area. But we failed everything in the second half. Discipline, attitude, effort, we didn’t follow the plan. It is logical that we lose the second half, it is well deserved. I still defend my team as usual, but today I completely disagree with the team’s effort in the second half. For me, there is no need to lose more points like in Monaco last week, to do it again in the second half was not absolutely necessary. “

Cloakroom that tightens up

And the former Dortmund coach hasn’t faded. Truly, The Parisian taught us this Monday that Thomas Tuchel pushed a new rant yesterday (Sunday) at the Ooredoo training center. He stated that he was not satisfied with the content of the meetings as well as the level of play offered or the defense venue. The regional daily notes that the Paris technician wants to see another face off against Manchester United. He wants to find the team that saw him in Lisbon during the Final 8 and made it to the Champions League final.

And Thomas Tuchel would not be the only one annoyed. As for the players as well, we are not satisfied. Besides frustrated Angel Di Maria, The Parisian explains that Neymar would be a bit depressed after the weekend result. It is also noted that the Brazilian would complain privately about the individuality of some of his fellow players. In spite of everything, the sacred union was ruled before going to challenge Manchester United on the fifth day of the Champions League. Atmosphere.

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