Tuesday , May 17 2022

The Paris Stock Exchange continues to be protected from political uncertainty – Indexes and Actions


CAC index lost 40 8.42 points to 5.025.20 points in trade volume fed by 3.9 billion euros. The day before, he had finished down 0.70%.

Over the last week, the market has decreased by 1.60%, while 5.41% has sink since January 1st.

The Paris degree, which opened on Friday, saw its eroding earnings over the morning, joining the red for the whole afternoon.

"The session was quite volatile, the index knows that there are much stronger amplitudes at present," said AFP Yann Azuelos, portfolio manager in Mirabaud France.

The markets are specifically set with twists and turns associated with the draft agreement on Brexit.

"There is a focus on Brexit, the market does not like uncertainty, but it will focus on the future of Theresa May" and its draft agreement in the next few days, Azuelos said.

The British Prime Minister was breathing fresh air on Friday in his fierce defense of the draft agreement, with the support of two Europhobic deficiencies by his government, following a lot of shortcomings.

This has been added to the wound between the European Commission and Rome over the budget, which the Italian Italian coalition refuses to change.

These political issues that impose on the indexes add to the "general impact that has been waiting for some time, the combination of worries about worse results in the US, the effects of a commercial war and worrying about economic growth , "said Azuelos.

– Diving of Vallourec –

In terms of indicators, the annual inflation rate in the euro area accelerated October to 2.2%, confirmed Eurostat Friday. In Italy, consumer prices rose by 1.6% in October year on year, continuing the trend seen since May.

In the United States, industrial production was produced in October, less than expected analysts.

In terms of the front of the values, Vivendi won 3.09% to 21.67 euros, boosted by a turnover of 3.38 billion euros in the third quarter, a 5.5% increase in a year, in particular the performance of its Universal Music Group subsidiary (UMG).

Bolloré increased by 2.31% to 3.81 euros while 9% grew in the third quarter, to 5.63 billion euros, the revenue of the other group (media, transport, logistics, energy storage). euro, driven by its freight transport and oil logistics activities.

On the other hand, Vallourec fell 32.17% to 2.61 euros, despite a reduction in its net loss in the third quarter, weighted by concerns about its cash.

CNP Assurance sold 0.70% to 19.98 euros. The group has announced an increase in its net profit over the first nine months of the year, with the help of other things from dynamic life insurance.

Plastivaloire lost 11.18% to 8.90 euros. The specialist recorded plastic turnover up 5% over the year 2017-2018, but the increase was very low (+ 0.1%) in the last quarter.

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