Monday , April 12 2021

The hydrogen train blows regions and strengthens Alstom

The maker is the first to market an alternative regional train for diesel trains in a series. He hopes to order thirteen copies by mid-2019.

The planets join Alstom. French rail maker, the only one to create a hydrogen massage that is circulated in Germany is the star of a parliamentary report. Minister for Transportation Thursday, this report on "greening rail vehicles in France" introduced presenting hydrogen as the other solution for diesel trains, which today represents the quarter of the park.

Although rail transport contributes only 1% of greenhouse gas emissions, the tricolor train network is still proud to displace: only 50% of the network with catheters, these wires which feeds the trains. And at a rate of one million euros for one kilometer of electrification – to multiply with two for both directions – the cost is prohibitive.

Therefore, other solutions must be explored to achieve the goal of carbon neutralism set in 2050 by the First Minister. The SNCF, which acts …

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