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The Glitter album, filming in the career of Mariah Carey, meets the success 17 years after her release

He was a tired episode in the geography of American diva: the release, released after release on September 11, 2001, had been unsuccessful, thanks to the supporters of the singer who was determined to be abolished.

What would Mariah Carey do without her "white", the loving nickname that he's giving her toys? In any case, without their recent movement, the album gliter, released in 2001, is still considered to be a major career failure & singer. But Mariah Carey's fans, always protecting their idol's interests at all times, have stopped making any effort to restore the unassuming album's blazon, by organizing a campaign on social networks. The key, unexpected commercial success, equates to meteoric progress in sales sites.

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With this move, gliter has reached its best selling level in the last sixteen years and has re-joined Billboard weekly sites with the most popular titles, which occupy the fourteen, for the second consecutive week. The disk even gives itself a luxury truss in the first place in the sales of R & B-Hip-Hop albums for November 24. It reached the highest place and location at the site iTunes U.S. last week.

More impressive success gliter returns far away. In 2001, one would have thought that Mariah Carey's career was over, as alleged Rolling Stone . The same name's album, soundtrack, had suffered bad reviews, welcomed the feature movie for the first star. Due to hospital and star to treat bipolar disorder, discharge discharges, scheduled for August 21, September 11, 2001 …

The motto: #JusticeForGlitter

Sixteen years later, the social media campaign by pop star fans has released his eighth individual album of delays. Behind the #JusticeForGlitter slogan (justice over gliter), the "white" have come together to promote this disc that was unjustly released, according to them, and claiming it is available on Spotify. The music streaming site has not yet been satisfied with this application. On the other hand, the album received unprecedented visibility.

Grateful, Mariah Carey thanked her supporters on 15 November for their move.

This late celebrity gliter interrupts while the new star released its fifteenth studio album, deposit, is rewarded with rave reviews. A double gift, like Christmas, for an interpreter All I Want Christmas Are You!

Loverboy, title gliter which has been sold for 2000s B

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