Monday , November 30 2020

The Bogdanov brothers break silence and reveal their pay for the show

Bogdanov: Mask Singer is a musical program that makes a dozen applicants compete verbally. But the specialty is that the candidates are celebrities. Plus, they’re all disguised and dressed in costume. There is a jury, of four public figures, who then try to guess who is hiding under the masks. They then vote for the best performances, along with the public. When a candidate is eliminated, the singer finally reveals his identity. And the Bogdanov brothers who participated Mask Singer ! On October 26, they were invited to Cyril Hanouna’s set. In TPMP, they disclosed the amount offered by the production for their participation.

The Bogdanov brothers were in the costume of parrots of Mask Singer

Mask Singer is a program hosted by Camille Combal and broadcast on TF1. It’s only in its second season but the first was very popular. Host and producer Laurence Boccolini had been a big winner. Since then, she has put her singing talents to good use on her Youtube page and her Instagram account. But for the Bogdanov brothers it’s a different story. In fact, they were deleted from Mask Singer from the first chapters. But according to Cyril Hanouna and the knowledge he has, it would actually be an advantage for both brothers in terms of their wages. Because the candidates get the same amount, depending on whether they stay in place for an episode or until the end of the season.

The amount of their stamps for the edition is disclosed at TPMP

Underneath their parrot uniforms, the Bogdanov brothers didn’t need to take cover for long. They left Mask Singer during episode 2, aired on Oct. 24 on TF1. Because they are corn Don’t touch my TV, they quickly went to the set on C8 to share their impressions. When asked about Cyril Hanouna and his band of columnists, it was a question of answering the questions that viewers ask themselves. One of them is always up, it’s applicants pay. Indeed, the public knows very well that celebrities Mask Singer get money.

The Bogdanov brothers garner a symbolic sum by responding to a host of TPMP. But Gilles Verdez is demanding and moving forward a substantial amount of 40,000 euros per person. The Bogdanov brothers have their backs to the wall, then they reveal the exact amount of their fees. For their participation in Mask Singer, the Bogdanov brothers received the sum of 20,000 euros each. If it’s a symbolic sum for them, it’s a lot of money for most viewers. But the latter is starting to get used to seeing television reporting.

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