Friday , August 19 2022

Taiwan: it's falling asleep with AirPods … and getting them in her stomach t


Ben Hsu, who recruits the Taiwan navy, has experienced awakening more than a few telling the Dailymail (an article in English). When he got up, the young man realized that he was his one AirPods, Apple's wireless headsets, t He had disappear. Despite digging cushions and sheets, the device was not found.

In despair, Ben Hsu has the idea of ​​using use “trace” its Iphone to locate its AirPod. The software shows that the headphone is close to it. Very close.

The Taiwan then diversion of the AirPod remotely. surprise: The sound comes from a stomach.

The editorial advises you

41% of the rest of the battery

After becoming aware of the situation, Ben Hsu rushes into the emergency room. The doctors decide to administer a laxative. One day and a very long cleaning later, the AirPod – about 65 euros each – comes out naturally.

The young man explained to Dailymail that he didn't feel any pain. He even says he has washed and let his cushion fall. More surprising: the device is still active: "The battery was still 41% it was amazing," Hsu smiled.

Fortunately for Taiwan troops, the plastic shell which around the electronic system of the headphone has saved him to be hurt, says the doctor from Taiwan Chen Chieh-fan.

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