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Player François Hollande from a very rich book fair


REPORT – Former President of the Republic, priest in cassock, academics and losing wear … In the center of Corrèze, the event welcomes everyone, with a so powerful common denominator, the pleasure of writing and reading.

"You do not have anything to a bully or a cannon at home?" Asks a trader before the Brive Book Fair. Saturday is the market day in the full city. François Hollande, omnipresent this year, is trying to restore his image as one would make a chair inconvenient and be worn by the time attacks. Hundreds of people are waiting for it in heavy rain to listen to Power lessons. We have to question from our secrecy Point, Christophe Ono-dit-Biot. "I'm here, and it's raining," said the former head of state when he arrived. Thunder of approval. For an hour, he enamels his speech – very politically – of magical features. With melodramic accents stimulates the difficult moments of its benzaminum.

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He remembers his co-operation with Raymond Depardon, "this great photographer," he has appealed for his official portrait. "He had asked me to come by walking slowly, but he was not happy with pictures, then he left his old digital movie camera and seized." Cliqué took: it was good, "he said. 39; one was the mayor of Tulle from 2001 to 2008. When choosing the Elysee gardens, the ex-president wanted to incorporate a simplicity gesture, "without staging". The disgrace was caused by humor and bitterness: "From the beginning, she was abolished for me. The Elysee Gardens, the Millevaches plateau still remains.

His tone becomes more serious in telling Donald Trump: "I've had twice the phone I understand, it will do everything to protect the benefits – what & # 39; Believe is the benefits – from Americans, and their money. A man who speaks a lot about money. "And François Hollande warns:" We can not convince do not seducegu. We must note the balance of power. It's about putting populism in Europe. "

Jean-François Kahn is not blown

Sell ​​and know how to sell, praise the merits of its "products", these are lessons that were not given to first novel authors living in the first fair. The young fruits selected by publishing houses find the same unparalleled face of their profession, "after writing service". "It's very small," said Adeline Dieudonné True Life. Joy Raffin, who is a sign Atlantic City"I can see everywhere the authors I admire." Before ending, laughing: "I'm not yet good enough to attract buyers."

The author and publisher Jean-Loup Chiflet could give them suggestions. On his stand, he set a sign: "Goncourt of circumstance!" And he offers "two books at a price three". So he marvels his excellent stock without difficulty The book of involuntary humor. At the fairyards, you have to let you be transported by the present. To go ahead of the explosive Jean-François Kahn. The founder Marianne puts as much insight into her commitments as on TV sets. "Are you 80 years old and she's asking a woman. Welcome to the club!" As François Hollande, she likes to experience hearts, accepting confessions. "I'm talking about a lot of contemporary times, politics," he said. I also realize that, when citizen critic Emmanuel Macron, we can not guess what's wrong or right.

"Today, pigs are swayed for less than"


A young priest in a cassock passes us. He seems to be looking for customers for a pilgrim. One of the organizers of the event is caught away. She was asked if Miss Limousin could cross the Fair in unwantedness. "Then, I said nothing," he said. He knows that today's pigs are balanced for much less than that. He must keep a cold head and wear Miss. Especially as the French Academy is there, who watches. "There are a few colleagues going to the salons, yet I'll believe it's an essential step in developing a book," said historian Danièle Sallenave, who has been under the Dome since 2012. How does she explain the success of the Fair that rarely lost her former colleague, Jean de Ormesson? "I do not know, it's a mystery. Perhaps thanks to the true simplicity that reigns there". In the distance, another great wife of the Organization, Mona Ozouf, has a little airborne of Pompadour.

"Feeling good", in good French, Marie 16, joins the line formed on the Agnès Martin-Lugand stand. Obviously, the genre has won its praise. "His books make me a dream," she's going on. On the other side of the hall, Isabelle Carré's signs are of great severity Dreamers, his first novel. "The relationship with people is very different from an actor with an audience," he said. People trust a lot. "Maybe too much." This morning, a girl started to be a crew of me, "said Philippe Torreton, who presents Jacques to war, his sixth book.

Nearer, Jean-Luc Petitrenaud and Gilbert Montagné make the pair. On Friday, the singer ran the La Truffe noire restaurant, where the authors, edited by Michel Lafon, had lunch with her Sul and tropics. It's still moderate: "I'm hardly playing!" The story does not say that the Cardinal wild track ended. Alain Mabanckou was there, just like a young Robert Loulou, named two years ago in the first Goncourt novel, which illuminated the nightclub with an amazing hipster. But we would not say more about everything that's happening in Brive staying in Brive …

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