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our review of Brother Brother Soul Davidp


CRITICAL – In the hell of the trenches, Senegalians who saw his childhood friend die before his eyes turn on a killing machine. With a verbal, naive style, the novel of Franco-Senegalese's author praises more certainly than a classic war novel.

Favoring this season's literary awards, he appeared on all the last major listings, David Diop received Thursday, Goncourt Primary School 2018 for his novel Brother of soul, published in Seuil on August 16, 2018.

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The main character and historian of his romana in the name Alfa Ndiaye. When his story starts, he has already experienced hell on "nobody land". His life was wandering on the day when Mademba Dop died, his "more than a brother," his "childhood friend" before his eyes, screaming in pain, was disemboweled by the bayonet of "enemy around the enemy ". "In the name of their friendship, from the Senegal's Abandoned youth, Mademba asked him to finish, to end his terrible suffering, but Alpha Diaye refused:" I'm thinking about my old dad, my mother, I was in an internal voice that ordered me, and I did not know how to cut a barbed wire. I was not human with Mademba, my brother or brother, my childhood friend. "

Mirror and horror

From there, only the Ndiaye soldier will be a revenge and fierce. At risk of his life, when the night falls, he will slip into the enemy camp, a noisy, covered with mud, waiting for his prey, tied him, opening his bow and kill. Then he will return to a ditch, and it will suddenly appear to him as the two open lips of somebody's huge. There was an open woman, offering war, for shells and for us, the soldiers. "In his hands, two three prizes, the rifle of the enemy and the hand held the rifle. At first, his" Toubabs and Chocolates "friends will compliment his benefits, his bravery. Then, when he is harvested from hands having sliced ​​start to grow, they will be worried, they will gradually depart from it, persuade them to deal with a cursor, "devourer within people, and demons." Soon, his captain will no longer be able to handle actions (hand fractures, "legally") and to be copied to the back .

Here Alfa Ndiaye tells the horrors of the war, the wild. He will also say childhood in Senegal and this part of the story will be less dark or light. He will tell his mother, Peul and Fary Thiam, the girl with a "soft voice to alleviate the river to mention by canoe on the calm and quiet ponds". He will say his minerals "as an amusement like the dunes of the Lampoul desert".

With a verbal, naive style, his repetitive expressions such as mantra, the novel of Diop can sing more securely than a classic novel about war. It's original because it's the voice of those we've heard a lot, and this African was recruited for their courage and ability to scare the enemy.

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Alfa Diaye is a danger to the triggers: he is the one who opened his eyes, who understood to lie words. Whoever was wrong to just want a warrior in the monster's mouth.

"Brother of Soul", by David Diop, Seuil Publisher, 176 pages, € 17.

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