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No, François Asselineau did not reveal a secret map of Europe that France would have disappeared

France 2

Does France disappear, "Blasting" in a powerful European Union? This was supported by the President of the Republican Union (UPR), François Asselineau, on Wednesday, 22 May, Political Emission on France 2. The candidate, the head of the list Together for the Frexit for the European elections, assured that a confidential project would be realized by a map of the future. "European Nations" he is proud to win on the table.

Except that the document in question, which was actually found, is an amateur map which is not connected to Europe's presumed confidential scheme.

What he said:

I was invited as a set of candidates to submit an object, said the head of the UPR list:

"I came to a map that is never shown to the French and again circulating in the European Parliament, especially among the Greens. Our map of Europe's nations is in a framework of explosion t general states of inherited centuries. "

According to him, this card shows "What could be waiting for the European Union with the United States of Europe where France would no longer be, there would be no more Spain, the Netherlands would no longer be, the United Kingdom would no longer be, but lower decomposed debris t. And finally: "One of the big problems that is never addressed in this campaign is a national unity problem. Personally, I prefer to keep France."


1. Map created by small organization to protect "minority people"

François Asselineau's famous map, entitled "Nations without States of Europe" :

The map was nice to live by François Asselineau Wednesday, 22 May.
The map was nice to live by François Asselineau Wednesday, 22 May. France 2

On this document, we see the redness of the European regions. France, for example, is being cut off especially from Brittany, Occitan or Savoy. Belgium, in the meantime, is divided between Wallonia and Flanders, while the United Kingdom is being replaced by England, Wales, Cornwall and Scotland near Ireland which has reunited.

There is no need to look a long way to find the origin of this map: the version presented on screen by François Asselineau has been signed by Eurominority, a site that stands as a defender. "European national minorities".

Contrary to what the UPR President suggests when the document is said "Circulating in the European Parliament"Eurominority has no known contact with the European institutions. The association no longer links to the separation and separation of political organizations in Europe, although it recognizes that it can t "Supporting their aspirations for recognizing the identity of people in Europe".

2. Our project is not to "create the United States of Europe" by blasting France

Essentially, François Asselineau actually mixes two different concepts driven by different political trends. On the one hand, the regionalists, who seek better recognition of national minorities. In this present Eurominority is believed to have been registered, and in defending this one this card was branded by the UPR leader.

On the other hand, there is a unique mind, that this time has nothing to do with Eurominority. The latter requires the creation of a form of "United States of Europe", that is, to tend towards a European federation, where European sovereignty would prevail over those of the United States. But these proposals are not intended to be made "Burst" current states, which would actually continue to exist.

Moreover, the two ideas for the minority are currently in Brussels. Firstly, regional claims in the European Union are considered as internal subjects to Member States. In the case of Catalonia, for example, the EU has made it clear that there would be no declaration of independence that the Spanish state does not recognize more so in Brussels, leaving Madrid to manage this issue.

In terms of the possibility of a federated jump, some of Europe's leading politicians are sometimes motivated. For example, Emmanuel Macron pleaded in 2017 during a speech at the Sorbonne "Sovereign, united and democratic Europe". But the idea is far from unanimous in Brussels and since then the French president's ambition has been revised down on this subject.

Contrary to François Asselineau's claim, there is no plan that would circulate widely in the European Parliament to create a federal Europe while t "Blasting" Member States. After contact after the debate, UPR's president did not respond.

3. There are "euroregions", which have nothing to do with the famous map

On the other hand, there are many "Euroregions", that is, cooperation between several regions of EU Member States. But these entities, for the time being, have powers and budgets ridiculous compared to the regions that work together. For example, the Franco-Spanish Euroreg between the Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre regions had a budget of around € 3.3 million in 2018, according to its financial report. That's about 0.1% of the New Aquitaine budget the same year (3.1 billion euros) … t

Above all, the Euroregions have little to do with the regional minority map submitted by François Asselineau. In fact, the Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre has no famous concrete translation, as Euskadi (the Basque Country) has been isolated there and the New Aquitaine boundaries today fly in brightness, have to share between "France A" Occitan ".

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