Saturday , July 2 2022

Nicolas Bedos will be responsible for the next section


What do you get if you mix Jean Dujardin's talent as an actor with the taste for realizing Bedos Nicolas? The brand new OSS 117, on which many hopes are based.

Previous OSS 117

With the first two films OSS 117: Cairo Spy Nest and OSS 117: Rio stops responding, Hubert Builder supporters of La Bath can use many quotes that have become real references (especially in France). All the supporters of the genre are eagerly awaiting the third installment, to hear new relics and to enjoy the new adventure of our favorite spy. Will, however, be able to do better than his predecessor, Rio no longer answers? Indeed, the film had been very strong at the box office since it attracted, during its first week in theaters, 1,090,269 entries.. Will this record be beaten? I would say what we want, France is a country of 400 cheeses (and Jean Dujardin).

The next installment with Nicolas Bedos

If we had learned that Jean Dujardin would play Hubert again in the third installment of OSS 117, we still did not get confirmation of the production and production. Very recently it was confirmed that Nicolas Bedos would be the next director OSS 117as disclosed Sunday Diary. The film maker is currently presenting his second film of the name The Belle Epoque at the Cannes Film Festival in the category outside the competition. As well as this shocking news, there is no doubt that he will be a director to follow him very closely in the years to come.

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