Monday , November 30 2020

National redefinition: what to remember from Macron’s publications

Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised speech on Wednesday that the captivity across the national territory will return from Friday until 1in December, at least. Here’s what to remember:

• Nurseries, schools and secondary schools will remain open with strengthened health protocols. Conversely, higher education faculties and institutions provide online courses.

“The activity will continue with more intensity, Macron said, which means that public service counters will remain open, factories, farms, buildings and public works will continue to operate. ” But wherever possible, teleworking will become mainstream again. Businesses defined in the spring as non-essential, publicly accessible establishments, including bars and restaurants, will be closed. Employees and employers who cannot work will continue to benefit from partial unemployment.

• You will need a certificate again to go to work, go to a medical appointment, help a loved one, shop or take the air near their home.

• Resuscitation capacity will be increased to 10,000 beds, ie double the initial number.

• Nursing and retirement homes can be visited.

• Cemeteries will remain open.

• Travel from one region to another is prohibited, except for returning from All Saints holidays.

• The internal borders of the European area will remain open and with some exceptions, the external borders will remain closed. Compulsory rapid tests for Covid-19 will be used for all arrivals at ports, airports and for international travel.

• Regular updates are made on the evolution of the epidemic “every fifteen days”, specifically to assess the possibility of reopening shops.

• The strategy of screening tests and contact tracking will be relocated “After the epidemic peak has passed” a “These tools should allow us to hold out until the vaccine”, expected “In the summer, scientists tell us”.


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