Tuesday , August 16 2022

Nabilla is “drunk”: what she no longer has the right to do since her operation in Ukraine


On Monday, November 16, 2020, Nabilla put down her suitcases in Kiev, Ukraine, for a new operation. Milann’s mother (1 year), embarrassed by the scar from her caesarean, wanted to solve it. For this, he agreed to undergo surgery under general anesthesia in a luxury clinic. Returning to Dubai, the 28-year-old starlet revealed the immediate result of this operation, very restrictive.

Makes me drunk because I can’t take a bath or shower for four weeks, for a month, until December 4. My Christmas gift is to resume baths and showers“, she trusted Snapchat on Saturday, November 21. Nabilla then provides further explanations for this remarkable limitation:”‘Cause I told you, over the scar and everything it must not be water otherwise it is useless to have done it all. I can wash myself with a washcloth and a towel. This morning, I struggled to wash my hair, it was my mother who washed them for me. It drives me crazy, it’s boring!“Thomas Vergara’s wife must therefore take her trouble patiently.

During his surgery, it was Thomas who tried to reassure Internet users. “It’s true that it’s very uncomfortable, that’s the problem with caesarean. If you have a scar and scarring badly, it can pull you out, and that’s what it got. He had no luck and it worried her so much that we suddenly looked for a specialist and the best was in Kiev“, he declared.

As a reminder, on October 11, 2019 Nabilla gave birth to her son Milann with difficulty. After three days of contractions and pain, the cervix not being open enough, doctors had to perform an emergency cesarean. A hard blow for the young woman who dreamed of giving birth naturally.

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