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Marion, 26, internal emergency room at Cahors Hospital

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Slightly less than the previous promotion, the 13 new interns at the hospital center are taking their marks in the city of Cadurc. among them Marion, a 26-year-old girl from Toulouse.

Our lovely, honorable ceremony takes place at "the boarding school" this week. This stone residence is home to the young interns of the Figeac hospital center, rue Wilson, and every 6 months, with all new promotions, our location is a welcome and meeting time.
Representatives of the hospital, city officials of Cahors, and other partners attend to serve our young interns that our territory is looking for doctors, experts and that to offer reception and reception conditions. live well as nothing else.

Promotion arrived in early May

At the moment they are in Cahors to continue their studies thanks to this time internship that is definitely motivating to the profession. In addition to four DMAs, practitioners operate as internal ones.
Marion Frayssinet is part of this promotion and in early May she joined the emergency department, along with two others of her fellow classmates.

Marion Frayssinet.

Marion Frayssinet.

At the age of 26, this young girl from Toulouse loves this assignment: "We see the patients who come to consult. We examine them on their own, before revealing our diagnosis to our manager, we are really in medical practice conditions.

The daily Marion, inner

From Monday to Friday, Marion Frayssinet, takes her emergency department for a round of 8 am to 8 pm, then continues for a second week at a working time of 13 hours to 20 hours, before enjoy a week of rest. . Interns have cards between one and five nights each month, and for a weekend in 24 hours, depending on the timetables.
In Cahors, the interns are housed and fed. They are considered employees. You have a payslip and are paid in the smile, with more than one for the guards.

Depending on the expertise that these young people are intended to have, their internship can vary from 3 to 5 years. For Marion, who has completed her sixth year of medicine in the Toulouse Faculty, she will be a general practitioner.
But in the meantime, the young woman who would be well practiced in a health home, must perform 6 months mandatory in an emergency department.

"Cafes rated well by the interns" t

"I'm here until November. I was very well received by the emergency team and I loved the city, even if I had seen myself in Toulouse or a very big city, but I'm discovering Cahors and the size of the city suits me well ”.
Marion Frayssinet chose an internship at Cahors, as she explains: "Those who came before us had great returns, they spoke a lot of activities to do, services where they were. Cahors had a score good.
In November, this group will continue its internship outside the city of Cadurcienne. Marion knows she will join a gynecological and pediatric ward, but where … t

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