Wednesday , June 29 2022

LR MP wants to place French names on excels to French nationality


Deputy Vaucluse LR, Julien Aubert, intends to choose a name "adapted to national culture" to get the nationality of France, and to mitigate the wearing banning of the boxes that would have an impact "the physical development" of the underage.

"More to adapt to national culture"

In a booklet of 18 proposals on Islam published on Friday, the deputy assumes that "the normal difference between Islam and Islamic (…) does not match any established religious reality" and presume "preference" for a French culture of Irish-Christian and Greek-Latin origin ".

The "cultural and civilized" Islam "aspect" causes more "nationally" or "religious" problems to be considered by the elected one, who is "presumed to defend a position in favor of assimilation republican ", opposite" to a multicultural generation ".

In the case of excels to French nationality, Julien Aubert suggests "forced (…) to choose one of their names among the various French calendars, and some known characters in national history" "have more to adapt to national culture".

The politician Eric Zemmour had provoked a warming up during a change with Hapsatou Columnist for his first name, which, in the eyes of Eric Zemmour, was "a disgrace to France".

The Deputy National Assembly (RN, ex-FN) Louis Aliot also considers "we are integrating better by adopting the name of his host country".

Vitamin D deficiency

Regarding the letter, Julien Aubert believes that "coexistence of micro-countries in the same territory can only lead to conflicts" and therefore recommends to be banned in every public organization, by including universities and public companies. But it is authorized in the street provided there is a possibility of "deleting someone to delete".

Denominating a Thirty-dimensional study, the AS is thinking of dressing the miniature cloth, which could "affect their physical development", with "vitamin D deficiency, and" losing hair in case of long wear " .

These proposals were asked by De RadioThe Republican deputies of the Republicans, Geoffroy Didier, replied: "I have to study this more closely, but in any case, my opinion is that everyone is free to name their child as they wish." Regarding the eye, he felt that there was no "prohibited debate".

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