Tuesday , January 25 2022

"Love in the meadow": Thomas has won more than a companion


He is one of the favorites of the season and it's time to take stock. Thomas, the oysters with a staggering look, did not leave this thirteenth season of "Love is in the dow" with a balance sheet on Monday, on M 6, but much of the girlfriend of 4.2 million viewers who have followed the program every Monday night. Brave, this beautiful 30-year-old child, will also mark the show: he will be the first homosexual to the end of the experience, in an accurate time at M 6.

What do you remember about your participation?

THOMAS. It made me more sensitive, I opened emotions that I had grown up. I'm doing a job that makes me alone, because it's a long time and I want to go with them. I was looking for someone to do everything with each other: live and work. Ideally, it would have been in my environment but … it's a man's media, real, so there's no relationship (Editor's note: it's exploded with laughter). It's a job where you need physical and mental strength because there are seasons with a gross work.

Did you watch "Love in the meadow" before taking part?

I knew where I was going, but I was not a fan. I do not have even home television (laugh). Taking part in a show seen by millions of people, it was truly atypical. But everyone's coverage looks at it. I like the concept because it's a megaphone. And I wanted to fall in love, to have a real story. Unlike dating sites based on incredible and incredible cranes, stories of a night.

As the first homosexual to go to the end, you have to have courage …

I've been a while since I thought. To say that one is homosexual and to make one understand that the same things are complex in some areas. In the field of work, for example. It is told that "everyone does what he wants", while gay is not a will or a choice.

Are you in mind to make a change by taking part?

I knew it could be related, but I am not a claimant. If this can bring a discussion, so much better. The popular image of horses, for many, is still a "cage cage", and that's a shame. I wanted to show that we could also be without the excess that we would stick to it again. It may make some people cry that they do not understand that they are only judged on this image. But, fortunately, this is changing and the generation of thirteen has changed a lot and we are all very comfortable at the moment, unlike the previous generation.

How did you get out?

It was complicated at the beginning. But it's normal, the first idea of ​​parents is to not imagine a son with a man. I was given a classical provincial education and I dreamed of a woman, children and a job. There is a complex period and then it is boiled down. It took a long time and it's normal. You have to deal with other people.

That's what you did on the show?

Yes and I am very happy, I received 70 letters of proposals. We had to choose, and then seven of those who had the movies like me came on the TV and I thank them. They got courage! Two were invited … Choose the one that released, it was awful. We went to London without the cameras, we were in real life, without the pressure. But that also hinders our end. Without tension, there were fewer adventures. We were alone, almost waiting for the cameras, it was weird. So, I finally left no-one else and I made the balance sheet only!

And now?

Only one month after the end of the shoot, I met someone through a man's dating app. And it worked! It was crazy. The show triggered something, I acted to others by that. I feel much better.

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