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LIVE – Sarkozy Trial: medical expertise sought for Gilbert Azibert, hearing adjourned until Thursday


Gilbert Azibert’s lawyer considers it “unimaginable” for his client to be tested via video conferencing

Gilbert Azibert’s lawyer welcomed the court’s decision to suspend the hearing until Thursday pending a physician’s expertise on his client’s state of health.

“It’s okay for the court to surround itself with an expert opinion”, noted Me Allegrini.

The lawyer also considered it “unthinkable” for his client to be heard via videoconferencing, as requested by the public prosecutor.

“My client wants to appear before his critics, he wants to protect his innocence and honor,” he insists.

Asked for medical expertise, the hearing was postponed until Thursday

The court asked Gilbert Azibert for medical expertise and to know whether or not he can attend his trial. The expertise must make it possible to determine the possible length of care that Gilbert Azibert must receive.

The doctor has 48 hours to return his specialty, the trial will resume on Thursday.

“This damage must be repaired”, said lawyer Paul Bismuth

Paul Bismuth’s lawyer really explained why his client had filed for a civil case.

“This damage must be repaired,” said Frédérik Canoy.

The lawyer wonders: “Who got this crazy idea to use his classmate’s first name?” Me Canoy puts that down to “urgency”, “stupidity, I don’t understand”, he says again.

Lawyer Nicolas Sarkozy does not object to the request for referral

Lawyer Nicolas Sarkozy did not object to the referral request filed by Gilbert Azibert. She explained that, as a solicitor, she cannot speak out against such a request if a health reason warrants it. Me Jacqueline Laffont also said that she could “never” support a decision that would require a defendant’s appearance via video conferencing.

Me Laffont argued however that Nicolas Sarkozy was “present” and “ready” to defend himself.

Gilbert Azibert wants to come explain himself in court

At the opening of the hearing, Gilbert Azibert’s lawyer defends the referral request filed by his client. Me Dominique Allegrini explains that the latter has suffered for ten years of heart problems, breathing problems and hypertension. He strongly advised his doctors not to leave Bordeaux, where he lives, because of the Covid-19.

Gilbert Azibert absolutely insists on being present during his case to explain himself in court, his lawyer said. He refuses to be represented by his lawyer.

The prosecution proposes that it should be tried through videoconferencing.

Paul Bismuth becomes a civil party

Paul Bismuth, former promotion pupil of Thierry Herzog, becomes a civil party. He considers his name to be related to this relationship is prejudiced.

Patrick Sassoust, a magistrate at the Cassation Court who had informed, perhaps unknowingly, of his colleague Gilbert Azibert, will be called to testify.

Nicolas Sarkozy arrived at court

Nicolas Sarkozy arrived at the Paris court. He is currently in the room alongside his lawyer, Me Jacquline Laffont. The former president is talking to Thierry Herzog and Me Temime, his lawyer.

The lawyers who came to support their colleague Thierry Herzog

Lawyers came to support their colleague Thierry Herzog, trying alongside his client and friend Nicolas Sarkozy for corruption. They deny a legal problem.

They came to support Me Thierry Herzog “personally and professionally” in defense of the “confidentiality of lawyer-client conversations”, they told BFMTV’s microphone. For them, this trial is a “deep attack on our profession”.

“There’s one area where the conversation has to be covered by confidentiality, and that’s the conversation between a lawyer and his client,” one of them explains.

Referral application filed by Gilbert Azibert

Gilbert Azibert will be absent this afternoon. Former 73-year-old former magistrate Gilbert Azibert filed a dismissal application because of his health condition.

He produced a medical certificate in court.

This application will be discussed at the start of the hearing.

Nicolas Sarkozy tried for corruption

The former President of the Republic stands trial from today by the Paris Criminal Court for corruption. This is the “Bismuth” case named after a former friend of Thierry Herzog’s lawyer Nicolas Sarkozy.

The latter had used this name to open a secret telephone line for exchange with his counsel. Both men are suspected of having sought information from Gilbert Azibert, a former magistrate, at the time he was stationed at Cassation Court, in another lawsuit involving the former president.

This is the second time a former head of state has been tried during the Fifth Republic.

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