Saturday , January 16 2021

LIVE – Darmanin defends Lallement: Paris police officer “failed to fail”


Darmanin: “The seven deadly sins are as follows”, lists the Minister of the Interior: the “little training” from which they benefit, including “throughout life;” the supervision “, because” it is necessary to reconstruct an intermediary supervisory body in the field “;” the material ”, which is“ not sufficient ”.

Gérald Darmanin adds “the images”, referring to the relationship of the producer arrested in the 17th district, judging that the pedestrian cameras would have allowed the hierarchy to know the “unacceptable proportions” of these facts. “Cameras protect citizens, but also police officers.”

Another sin, according to the minister: “the question of inspections”. “Normally, the IGPN is within the Ministry of the Interior, any body has an inspection,” he said, in response to the debate on the independence of this organization. “If the IGPN were that bad, I don’t think the public prosecutor would have chosen him.” Gérald Darmanin says he is “ready to study everything”, including appointing an independent personality on top of the IGPN.

Finally, Gérald Darmanin shows “the connection between the population and the police”. “The police live among the French, they have the difficulties of the French,” he said. “They obviously have difficulties in their lives that they have to solve. No doubt, not to renew, but to understand the difficulties that the police are experiencing.”

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