Friday , May 27 2022

LIVE – Covid-19: in the United States, a new record with nearly 230,000 cases in 24 hours



Of the 47 countries in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Africa region, “only nearly a quarter have adequate plans for resources and funding,” he regrets to the UN agency. He called on governments to “increase their preparation for vaccination against Covid-19”.

On the continent, the cost of applying the vaccine to “priority populations” is estimated at $ 5.7 billion, with “15% to 20% additional costs for vaccine injection and delivery equipment”, According to the World Health Organization. African countries, with low or middle incomes, must benefit from the support of “Covax”, an international alliance led by the World Health Organization that negotiates equitable access to vaccines with laboratories.

Covid-19 has saved land from all epidemics, often without a vaccine like malaria or AIDS, with officially 52,000 deaths, for 2.2 million reported cases (out of a population of approximately 1, 25 billion inhabitants).

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