Friday , November 27 2020

LIVE – Attack in Nice Basilica: Emmanuel Macron on site


“Undoubtedly, these three victims are the church’s guardian figure,” noted Nice mayor Christian Estrosi. “Of course, this time of compassion is in our police’s honor. I also want to thank the brave Niçois who, at the security terminal placed near the church, warned the church that the attacker had neutralize it. Other lives may have been spared thanks to the municipal police in Nice. “

“Thanks also to the national police forces, the Raid, who are moving slightly on the inside of the church because of suspicious objects,” he continued. “The firefighters are trying everything to save a third victim who managed to escape the church, beyond the two no doubt that the acts done on them put, in a horrific way, the end of their existence. The assailant, while being transported to the hospital, is still alive as I speak to you. “

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