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Lightyear to unveil his next electric electric car 25 June

Light One

June 25, 2019 is a tick date in your calendar if you are waiting for the presentation Light Oneelectric car, powered by solar energy.

In the niche of solar electric cars, several companies are trying to find a place in a sector that is still fully developed. Among them, the manufacturer Sono Motors in Germany has recently made his name by posting ambitious goals: to generate 43,000 Sono Sion, by the model name, every year by 2028. The electrical model shows at least moderate performances: 250 kilometers and a maximum speed of 140 km / h.

Between 600 and 800 km of autonomy

Opposite, the competitor of the Netherlands called Lightyear is trying to shadow it. For the company established in 2016, now employing more than 100 employees, it will reveal a prototype of a solar electric car, of the name Lightyear One, at an event held in Katwijk, Netherlands. , on 25 June 2019, can we read in a press release.

Presented as a light and aerodynamic vehicle, the Lightyear One, as well as having a four-wheel drive, solar panels welcome to capture the energy of our star. As a result, the model would be able to drive between 600 and 800 kilometers depending on usage, ie overcrowded independence compared to its German rival.

First deliveries are expected for 2020

As the last, the Dutch product has a fold-up charge, allowing it to restore up to 400 kilometers of autonomy in just one night. So many numbers to check in advanced tests. The remaining features should be the subject of a more detailed presentation in June. The first deliveries for 2020 are organized.

Source: Lightyear.

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