Saturday , June 25 2022

Lidl is launching a connected watch inspired by the Apple Watch at 40 €


After the robot oven and headphones true wireless, Lidl is entering the affiliate watch market through its Silvercrest brand. In Apple Watch form, the SFW220 is released, much more affordable.

As Nintendo would say, a new fighter is approaching. In mid-November 2020, Lidl announced its arrival in the affiliate watch market. Since November 23, the German company has distributed, under its Silvercrest brand, the SFW220, a square screen watch marketed at 40 €.

A watch that goes to the basics

As it did with Monsieur’s Cuisine Link robot, or more recently its headphones true wireless, Silvercrest offers a watch with a particularly compact technical sheet. In addition to related watch functions, such as displaying notifications and calls, this SFW220 also offers sports tracking focused on the most popular physical activities. So we find walking, running, biking and hiking. A spinal heart rate monitor will take care to measure the heart rate. No integrated GPS, you’ll have to connect via the Silvercrest Smart Watch application, available on Android and iOS. Sleep tracking would also be available, along with a reminder function for taking medication.

On the autonomy side, Silvercrest brings 5 ​​days of use in connected viewing mode. To extend its autonomy, it is possible to deactivate Bluetooth and cross the notifications, which makes it possible to climb up to a month between each charge. Despite these essential features for such a product, Silvercrest will have to be competitive to survive in the cruel world of connected watches. Because if with the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, the German manufacturer cleared price segments left untouched by its competitors, with its watch, it will have to face Xiaomi, Realme, or even Honor that already offers something to at least connect the wrist. o 100 €.

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