Monday , November 30 2020

Laeticia Hallyday again as a couple: she fell for an actor!

Free in his head … but not in his heart. Laeticia Hallyday, who recently separated from her companion Pascal Balland, has already found a shoe that was suitable for her according to information from the magazine This is it. His new partner, you necessarily know him. French actor and filmmaker Jalil Lespert who would have captivated the 45-year-old widow on the phone. This encounter, of course, came out of nowhere. In fact, the director leaned over a biopic focusing on Johnny Hallyday’s life and contacted the new woman in his life to sort out a few details.

If the currents have gone a long way, during an epistolary romance worthy of the most beautiful romantic comedies, things would have accelerated dramatically between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert. A first meeting in Paris confirmed the crazy feeling they shared and they would have taken advantage of All Saints holidays to introduce their children: Jade and Joy, on one side, Aliosha, Gena and Kahina on the other.

A tearful break

The fourteen months they shared ended in a hurry. Despite a hot summer family vacation in Saint Barthélemy, in the Caribbean, the couple did not last long. As the magazine said Closer, Laeticia Hallyday broke up with Pascal Balland after returning to France in October – to promote the box Johnny, the American dream – at the L’Ami Jean restaurant located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. Lunch that ended in tears and with a dedicated trip to the restaurant for the widow to collect her things.

This is nice news for Jalil Lespert, who we knew nothing about in his private life since his separation from Sonia Rolland in October 2018. Nor is he completely foreign to the Johnny Hallyday clan. In 2014, he was head Yves Saint Laurent, a great film that drew back the life of the French fashion designer played by Pierre Niney. And among the talents chosen to make this work a legend, Laura Smet played the role of Loulou de la Falaise …

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