Monday , July 4 2022

I've been humiliated forever by Kylie Jenner … revenge of the clan!


That's the question everyone has been asking for months: is Kylie Jenner still friends with Jordyn Woods?

Woods – Thompson
In February, several tabloid in the US revealed new Tristan Thompson spreads. Captured in the bag just before presenting his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, the 27-year-old young basketball player has re-motivated and once again cheated on his girlfriend. But the scandal this time doubles the effect of a bomb this time because Tristan has set his sights on Jordyn Woods young, pretty, friend Kylie Jenner, best childhood.

Soon members of Kardashian / Jenner turned their backs on Jordyn, who was considered a full family member. At worst, the girl was keen to restore the truth to a TV set and explained that Tristan kissed her and pushed her back … t

Jordyn banned from the clan …
As a result of this debate, everyone was waiting for the least response from Kylie Jenner, who considered Jordyn as his sister. And if we think TMZ's claims, Kylie Jenner don't want to hear about Jordyn anymore: "Kylie and Jordyn no longer talk to each other. And now, Kylie has decided to move on. says that a source is closing. Jordyn was not seen, who lived alongside his BFF millionaire, with Kylie since then … and was asked to leave his home! In fact, Jordyn was staying in the "friend's pavilion" of Kylie's huge Hidden Hills villa.

… and embarrassed by Kylie
Having returned to live with her mother, Jordyn had, in a hurry, left all her belongings in the said pavilion and has just ordered her to get her. According to TMZ, Jordyn has returned to Kylie Jenner this weekend to access her suitcases. The little Stormi mother was not there to welcome her! A non-grata persona Jordyn was received by a housekeeper who took care to put his bags to him before escorting him to the exit. Situation more than humiliated Jordyn who was once at home in the luxury home.

According to TMZ, Kylie does not feel depressed towards Jordyn but feels she must be faithful to Khloe … Kylie Cosmetics founder did not see any problem with Jordyn's home business until a member Kardashian family notes that "It's ridiculous and disrespectful and she doesn't have to play furniture stores for this organizer …" That is clear.


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