Sunday , July 25 2021

“It’s a coup de grace, it’s a kill” according to chef Philippe Etchebest

“We are in shock. This new closure is set in coup de grace, it kills”, responded on Wednesday October 28 at chef Philippe Etchebest’s franceinfo, after Emmanuel Macron announced a national redefinition until December 1. The Head of State specifically noted that “shops that are defined in the spring as non-essential, publicly accessible establishments, especially bars and restaurants, will be closed.”

“I heard that we are non-essential businesses. Okay. We are not essential. On the other hand, we are essential when you have to pay taxes, Urssaf, when you have to pay taxes”, being carried away Philippe Etchebest, “Of course, we’ll be there, because we’ll have no choice.”

Since the beginning of the crisis “we adapt”, stresses the chef. “Since the beginning, we’ve used protocols that are extremely low cost, which really cost. And today we’re closing. We’ve done everything we had to do and now we’re closing. So it’s still terrible. “

He is afraid “mass unemployment” in the restaurant business. “We have to prioritize health. I hear. It’s terrible what’s happening. But beyond that, there will be serious damage”, considers Philippe Etchebest. It specifically underlines that the aid released by the government “not enough”. Now he wonders if he will “enough help to help companies get their heads out of the water. Me, I have doubts”.

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