Monday , January 17 2022

Iris Mittenaere was inserted in hospital: he was seriously injured during DALS exercises with Anthony Colette


Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette will be able to continue with the star Adventure with the stars? The question arises: the discharge has made a violent reduction during training with a partner, to the point being taken to hospital by firefighters.

Get involved Dance with stars It can be dangerousand is not Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette who will say the opposite. Like other competitors, including Pamela Anderson, the Miss Universe had a companion injured during the show exercises. On November 13, they had revealed on Instagram that they had hurt themselves by trying to do it new litter : On a photo published in their Instagram stories, We had seen Anthony Colette with a shoulder strapwhile Iris Mittenaere has one in her hand and her wrist. If they had worried about the supporters, these wounds were not prevented from dancing last week, although they still had to change their choreography. On the other hand, a new event could be at risk their presence on the IT floor 1 on November 24, in the final Dance with stars.

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" Problem in perspective … Posted on November 16 Anthony Colette on Instagram. He did not believe so well: as it was revealed Pure People On Wednesday, November 21, Iris Mittenaere came " an impressive 2 meter drop During the show training. The morning of March, the young lady repeated dressing with her partner, at the production studios in Malakoff (Hauts-de-Seine), when " on the coccyx "According to the information of our colleagues, the failure was" carefully by doctors and firefighters Who She took her to hospital. Iris Mittenaere will have spent the day there: " She could not return to her apartment until the end of the afternoon, on that same Tuesday, with the formal instructions not to move for several days »Manyleb Pure People. The casualty and Anthony Colette would be " hopeless " They face this situation, which could prevent them from continuing to dance on TF1 …

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