Friday , December 4 2020

In Reunion, two unvaccinated CHU doctors have infected patients

Vaccine against measles. – NEW CHINA / SIPA

Two doctors from Bellepierre University Hospital, Saint-Denis (Reunion) were not vaccinated against them
Measles has contaminated six people during consultations, according to the. T
The Indian Regional Health Agency (ARS OI) reports on Monday the information website
Meet the Imaz press.

Throughout the weekend, the LRA conducted a case-by-case investigation to understand who the health staff had not protected against the virus.

From 42 cases to 48 in a month

A total of 500 people were “traced” to check their vaccinations, and a hundred people were vaccinated in two days, Premiere of Meeting, Dr. François Chieze, director of watch and health safety of the OI ARS.

Measles has been circulating in the hexagon and the Indian Ocean since last December. On the island of Reunion, end 2018, only four cases of measles said, Imaz Press Meeting said. The number of infections increased to 42 per month before stabilization followed by 42 to 48 cases in a month. Jumping in the statistics that the ARS attributes to this new contamination at Bellepierre Hospital.

The importance of being vaccinated for the ARS

The vaccination coverage of the island is improving however. "We are now close to 86%, which should increase further," said Dr François Chieze who reminded us that we must reach the 95% vaccination coverage to get rid of the disease. This improvement in vaccination coverage is explained by the fact that, since 1 January 2018, the measles vaccine was one of the mandatory eleven, for early childhood.

However, it is not for adults … and so doctors. This is why the Indian Ocean LRA has been reminded of the "need to protect themselves" and to be vaccinated, the only solution to prevent such infectious disease as the measles.

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