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In North America, 90 cases of children continued following a mystery illness – 20/11/2018


90 cases were reported in the United States. / Drawing of DDM Photo

90 cases were reported in the United States. / Drawing of DDM Photo

A "mysterious" disease known as causing increasing palsy in the children affected. More than 90 children in the United States would be worried. Cases have also been found in Canada.

Since 2014, US health authorities have been dealing with a mysterious disease that affects children. Currently called "acute flaccid myelitis", its symptoms occur about a week after a fever and respiratory problem.

Comparative spending of Europe

The child loses the movement of his face, neck, back, arms or legs gradually. If small patients do not die, half do not recover from this paralysis. And others have severe complications, according to US health authorities. At this moment, only one child died of this disease in 2017. In Europe, populations are banned relatively: a report of 29 cases reported in 2016, spread across twelve different countries.

No case was found

The health authorities are worried, accelerate their search to find the case. For now, nothing was found. Each track is discussed. The experts of Polio and West Nile have been excluded by experts. Now doctors suspect that it is the cause of enterovirus that, in most people, causes cold symptoms.

But doubts continue. Indeed, the first wave of 2014 was in line with a larger increase in enterovirus-related diseases of the name EV-D68, said CDC officers. But it was not so scarce in 2016 or this year.

New causes of disease in 2018

According to the data recorded on this mysterious disease, it seems to be acting in waves, 120 cases were diagnosed in 2014 and 149 cases in 2016, very little in 2015 and 2017. Clearly, autumn 2018 is suffering a new surge o disease. "The cases are spread across 27 states," said the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a statement. There are 160 other cases still being studied.

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